adultclass600x338Ages 17+

Adult Beginner classes are designed for any adult looking to get their foot in the door into the parkour world. We offer rolling admission to all classes – there is no start or end date. Curriculum changes week to week and encompasses all forms of basic vaults, balancing, quadrupedal movements, and climbing. 

Cat grabTimes:

– Monday 6-7 pm
– Tuesday 11am-12pm
– Wednesday 7:30-8:30 pm
– Thursday 5:30-6:30pm (Low Impact Class)
– Saturday 1-2 pm
– Sunday 1-2 pm (Special First Timer’s Class!)

Teen ClassAges 12 – 16

Empower your teen with their own movement. With a curriculum that mixes drills and games, we teach youths how to challenge themselves and strive to be stronger, quicker, and more coordinated while still having tons of fun. Our emphasis on balance and holistic strength makes parkour one of the safest disciplines around.



– Monday 6:30-7:30 pm
– Tuesday 7-8 pm
– Wednesday 6:30-7:30 pm
– Saturday 12-1 pm

Possibilities Everywhere!Ages 6-11

Kids are the true parkour athletes. Set them loose on a playground and they will find something to climb on, jump over, or swing through. This is the essence of parkour! Our curriculum cultivates this mentality and encourages the kids to continue playing and to continue having fun moving around and exploring their environment.



– Monday 5-6 pm
– Tuesday 4:30-5:30 pm
– Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm

Special Kids Open Gym
(Only for students currently enrolled in classes)

Sunday 2-4 pm

Picture 495Ages 3-5

Start your child on the path to expert movement by joining the Tiny PK class! Movement games are the main focus of these classes where we introduce kids to a mix of hard and soft environments. We’ll climb, explore, and imagine our way to a world with no limits!


– Wednesday 11am-12pm
– Sunday 12-1pm

All ages

– Sunday 3-4pm

Mobility is the key to movement. If we are not mobile, we cannot move or do that which makes us human. Athletic activity requires that we upkeep our mobility, but also does repetitive stress – such as sitting for 6+ hours a day. The mobility class is designed to be a tune up for your body. We apply massage techniques with stretching to ensure our muscles stay in the best of health.

challengenightAges 17+

Strength Class is designed to be less about technique acquisition and more about building a solid base of strength. Weights may be used, but much of the work done is bodyweight focused. QM, climbing, pullups, dips, jumps, and more make up many of the exercises included in the strength class.


– Tuesday 12-1pm
– Tuesday 7-8pm
– Thursday 8:30-9:30pm
– Sunday 2-3pm