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Charles is the co-founder and co-owner of the Rochester Parkour Gym – the first Parkour training facility in New York State. He holds a degree in Exercise Science and Fine Art from RIT and has worked as a personal trainer, strength coach, and Parkour instructor for almost a decade.

Help Wanted! We need a Front Desk Admin

Hey everyone!

Rochester Parkour is looking for a new Front Desk Admin! Someone to help with the growing number of emails and phone calls we get on a daily basis. This position currently requires 23 hours a week, with possible expansion as a class assistant. This position starts at $10/hr with expected wage increases bi-annually with good performance.

Duties include:

  • Maintaining a clean and inviting front desk area
  • Greeting and checking in members and clients for classes
  • Assisting and answering in-person questions and complications
  • Answering and returning phone calls, voicemails, emails, and all other inquiries
  • Quoting and scheduling of private events and birthday parties
  • General cleaning and maintenance of gym space and bathrooms

Front Desk Admin Requirements:

  • Must be punctual, reliable, and professionally presentable for a fitness gym setting
  • Must have own transportation
  • Prior experience as a front desk admin preferred
  • Prior experience in customer relations
  • Knowledge of Excel and Google Sheets

This Front Desk Admin position can also have supplemental hours as a Class or Birthday Party Assistant. Currently, we have 3 assistant hours per week available plus 2-6 birthday party hours when available.

Class Assistant Duties include:

  • Helping and assisting the Instructor on duty to prepare movement space for classes
  • Managing student participation
  • General spotting of specific skills and techniques as needed
  • Fostering and maintaining positive relationships with both students and parents

Class Assistant Requirements include:

  • Mandatory participation in unpaid internship (expected graduation of 3 weeks to 2 months depending on weekly time commitment)
  • Must be able to lift 70lbs
  • Must submit to a background check
  • Prior experience as practitioner or instructor in comparable fitness field/discipline


Please email your up-to-date resume and cover letter to us at info@rochesterparkour.com.

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Rochester Parkour Board Game Night!

Ours is a community filled with incredible people who come from all walks of life, bonded together through a shared love of playful movement. It makes sense that a lot of the events we coordinate revolve around that theme.

However, sometimes it’s just nice to kick it with friends and have some fun playing board games, card games, or just simply hanging out! That’s why on November 9th, we’re hosting our first Community Board Game Night!

Here’s the details:

  • Thursday, November 9th 6:30-9:30pm overlapping Adult Open Gym
  • Ages 18+
  • FREE – bring friends!
  • BYO Snacks and Drinks*
  • BYO Board Games to share (except Risk, because it’s bad AND YOU KNOW IT!)- So far we have Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Joking Hazard, Dixit, Munchkin, and Sushi Go.

This event will be overlapping the regularly scheduled Adult Open Gym. If you wish to play around, you may, but must be enrolled and have an active waiver signed. Open Gym passes will be half-off for this event. You can pre-enroll for the Open Gym using this coupon code: ROCPKGAMENIGHT.

Pre-Enroll for Game Night by clicking here!

*Please try to bring snacks that are either contained or don’t make messes so we can keep the gym looking nice! Responsible alcoholic drinking will be permitted to attendees of legal drinking age.

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RocPK’s 2016 Halloween Gorilla Gauntlet!

Halloween is coming… and so is this year’s Halloween Gorilla Gauntlet! 

The Gorilla Gauntlet is an obstacle course unlike any other, designed to test your strength, speed, stamina, and skill. Rochester Parkour will be hosting two separate events – one adult course and one for kids and teens.

These courses work differently than most you’ve seen on tv or have done elsewhere. Our courses allow you to choose your own course difficulty on the fly to scale to your unique athletic ability. This means that ANYONE, regardless of athletic prowess, can participate and enjoy the challenge of our obstacle course.  

Adult Gorilla Gauntlet
Friday Oct. 28th 6-8pm
Ages 18+
Open to the public

Kids & Teens Gorilla Gauntlet
Sunday Oct. 30th 4:30-6:30pm
Ages 6+
Ages 4+ permitted with parent helper if actively enrolled in our Tinies classes!
Open to the public

Costumes encouraged! We are giving away prizes to the best 2; Just steer clear of excessively loose clothing that could impede your climbing abilities! This event is free to watch and $15/person to participate. Members are only $10. Spots are limited so enroll early! See you all there!

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New Changes to the RocPK Level Test!

We’ve been working hard to figure out the best method to assess who should move up and when. We’ve tried several different methods in the past, but we are excited to announce our best solution yet!

Video Submissions

In the past, either an instructor told you that they thought you were ready to move up to Level 2 classes or you had to sign up for a Level Test. These methods were deemed impractical because they left out certain people who either didn’t feel like they were noticed or could never attend testing nights due to schedule conflicts.

Our new process will not only give you full explanation of what skills are required in order for you to prove you’re ready to move up, but it also allows anyone to do this at any time! Here’s how it works:

  1. Research and View all the skill requirements for your age group
  2. Practice these skills during Open Gym time. If you need extra assistance on a particular skill, request to your instructor that they cover it during your next class
  3. When you feel like you can perform the skill well enough for the test, take a video of you doing it! Open Gym Supervisors can help video you if you wish
  4. Clip all your videos together as one video or send them all individually using our new online submission form
  5. RocPK will look over your submission and notify you within 7 days of your submission to either let you know that you passed or what still needs work in order to pass the test

Skill Requirements

While most techniques and skills are designed to be completed by both Youth and Adults, there are some that are age specific. We’ve set up two different Imgur albums with handy Gif videos demonstrating what we’d consider as passable performances of all the required skills. These albums can be found on the Level Test page located under ‘The Gym’ tab, but we’ll also embed them below so you can see now:

Youth Level Test

Adult Level Test


We feel like this is the most complete version of the Application process to date! However, if you still have questions about the techniques or the submissions, don’t be afraid to ask your instructor or email us at info@rochesterparkour.com.

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RocPK Special Events @ the University Ave Music and Arts Festival July 23rd 11am to 7pm!

Lava & Lazer Courses!

Saturday, July 23rd, 2-4pm, Ages 6+

This one-of-a-kind event is being held in honor of the First Annual University Ave Music & Arts Festival. We’re so proud of our small community of locally owned and operated businesses!

We will be designing two separate courses:

– The Floor is Lava! – This Ninja Warrior inspired obstacle course is appropriately challenging for kids and adults ages 6+! Test your ninja-like abilities as you try to navigate the course without falling in the Lava!
– Ninja Spy Maze! – This special course is a HUGE Lazer Beam course. We’ll be stringing up tons of bright, neon-pink ropes with bells. Your mission is to navigate through the maze and collect special items on the way. But be careful- set off an alarm and you alert the guards! This maze is appropriately challenging for kids and adults ages 6+!

Each attempt at a course will require 1 ticket which you will give to the attendant at the front of line. Tickets can be bought on site or online. Tickets are $1 each or $5 for 6 or $10 for 14. These courses will be open to try as many times as you wish for the whole 2 hour event.

Pre-Enroll for Obstacle Courses July 23rd 2-4pm

Family Nerf Battle!

Saturday, July 23rd, 5-7pm, Ages 6+September2015-21

After a short 1 hour intermission, we will be re-arranging the gym and hosting a Family Nerf Battle! Here are the details:

– Family Nerf Battle – The Family Nerf Battle Royale is a super fun event open to all kids 6+ and their parents! Spots are capped at 20, so if you find you can no longer attend, please be sure to unenroll so another family from the wait list may join.

Our General Safety Workshop runs before the event can start and is required in order to participate. Please come a few minutes early to ensure we get this workshop done as quickly as possible so we can spend more time having fun shooting and dodging darts!

$10 to participate; Protective Eyewear & guns are a must. Bring your own or rent from us for $2. We’ve got the Nerf Elite darts covered.

**Pre-enrollment ensures you have a slot in the Family Nerf Battle

Pre-Enroll for Family Nerf Battle July 23rd 5-7pm
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Mindfulness Collaborative Workshop – Introducing Adam Cristantello of Move Aware

On July 9th, Rochester Parkour will continue our “Collaborative Workshops” series to bring you Mindfulness with strength coach Adam Cristantello.

This Saturday workshop will be 90 minutes long and comprised of ‘enLighten Your Step’ with Adam Cristantello and ‘Mindful Movement’ circuit training with Rochester Parkour. Adam Cristantello is a pioneer in the health community with his unique and holistic approach to fitness. In this workshop, you will explore meditation methods and learn how to apply these meditation techniques to enhance your training and well-being. During Mindful Movement with Rochester Parkour you will learn how to explore intention in your circuit training to improve your awareness and control through body weight movements.

Spaces are limited so pre-enroll now to ensure your spot!

Saturday, July 9th
$20, Unlimited RocPK Members are free

Mindfulness + Parkour!
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Intermediate – The Railing Squeeze

Challenge Level: 5
Skills: N/A

Description: Pro Tip – double-check to make sure you can fit through the hole before attempting this challenge! Start on top of the box next to the railing. Using any means necessary, but without touching the floor, climb through the hole and finish back on top of the box.


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Beginner/Advanced – The Cave Climb

Challenge Level: 3-9
Skills: Body Prop, Cat Shimmy

Description: Start in a Cat Hang on the grab bar and begin by shimmying across the face of the wall towards the entryway to the cave. Finish on top of the Rock.

  • Beginner:
    • Challenge Lvl 3 – Cat Shimmy across the wall to the next grab bar. Body prop through the entryway to the cave to the next set of bars. Climb up the chute to the platform.
    • Challenge Lvl 4 – Same as above, except the grab bar at the entrance of the cave is OUT.
  • Intermediate:
    • Challenge Lvl 5 – Same as above. All bars OUT.
  • Advanced:
    • Challenge Lvl 8 – Same as above except instead of climbing up the chute, you must climb through the Cave. EVERYTHING is IN except the 2×4 boards on the floor.
  • Insane!
    • Challenge Lvl 9 – Same as above except all 2×4 grabs are OUT.


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Beginner/Advanced – The Tunnel Prop

Challenge Level: 2-8
Skills: Body Prop, Spider Climb

Description: Start on top of the platform and climb your way down into the tunnel without touching the ground. Body prop or spider climb your way through the tunnel.

  • Beginner:
    • Challenge Lvl 2 – Body prop or spider climb as far as possible.
    • Challenge Lvl 3 – Body prop or spider climb to the first entryway. Climb onto the square box without touching the ground.
  • Intermediate: Remove the square box
    • Challenge Lvl 4 – Body prop or spider climb to the first entryway. Cross the gap to the next wall and finish by grabbing onto the silver grab bar.
    • Challenge Lvl 5 – Same as above but finish by climbing up the bars and onto the platform.
  • Advanced: Remove the square box
    • Challenge Lvl 6 – Body prop or spider climb to the first entryway. Climb through the first entry way and back up onto the platform.
    • Challenge Lvl 7 – Body prop or spider climb to the first entryway. Cross the gap to the next wall. Use the bars to continue to climb out through the second (largest) entryway. Climb across the outside wall and back onto the platform.
    • Challenge Lvl 8 – Same as above but all bars are off limits.
  • Insane! Remove the square box
    • Challenge Lvl 10 – Same as Lvl 8 except the last silver bar on the outside is IN. All horizontal surfaces are OUT until the finish.
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Rochester’s Ninja Warrior Night!

On Monday, June 27th, NBC will be showing all the runs that took place in Pittsburgh to see which contestants will be selected to head on to Mount Midoryama in Las Vegas. Rochester’s own, Carl Fantauzzo, Jr. was selected to be spotlighted by NBC!

In commemoration, Rochester Parkour has decided to cancel its classes that night and turn the gym into a public obstacle course for kids and adults ages 6+! All obstacle courses will test participant’s coordination, balance, strength, and agility! Here’s the details:

Kid’s Course – 5-6:30pm
– Come anytime during the 90 minute section
– $10/kid
– Unlimited number of runs
– Ages 6-15
Enroll Here

Adult Course – 6:45-7:45pm
– Come anytime during the 60 minute section
– $10/participant
– Unlimited number of runs
– Ages 16+
Enroll Here

After the courses are done, both Rochester Parkour and our neighbors at Muller’s Cider House will be hosting ANW viewing parties from 8-10pm. Here’s the details:

RocPK ANW Viewing 8-10pm – Open House + Open Gym
– We’ll be setting up a TV in our lounge. Anyone can come watch!
– Want to know more about what services RocPK offers? Come ask us questions during this time!
– The gym will be open during the viewing and kids and adults can move around and play while watching. Open Gym passes will be discounted to $5/person
– Open Gym is restricted to ages 8+
Enroll Here for Open Gym – Open House and the Viewing are FREE

Muller’s Cider House Viewing 8-10pm
– ANW will be playing on the screen at the bar
– Adults 21+ will be able to buy a pint of their favorite cider (or try a new one from their constantly rotating draft line up)
– Not 21? No problem. Muller’s has lots of options available that are non-alcoholic including some delicious food and snacks!

***RocPK has an indoor shoe policy to ensure the safety of its space. Please remember to bring a pair of clean, indoor shoes that you or your kids can change into upon arriving.

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